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Friday, April 4, 2008

Sponsor - Writers in the Sky - Creative Writing Services

Writing for articles, books, media releases, Web text, biographical sketches, résumés, and newsletters; editing, proofreading, and book formatting services offered individually and as packages. Be sure to check our publicity packages for business, author and book promotion.

1. Résumés - Up to two pages with a separate cover letter you can modify when responding to job ads. We will use information from your old résumé and gather new data to create a fresh look and updated verbiage to catch the attention of potential employers. We will use industry terms and career-related keywords to help your digital document rise to the top in corporate search programs.

2. Book Review - One of our writers will read your book and write a thorough review. We will post the review on Amazon.com as well as on our blog and in our monthly newsletter. You get the Word or PDF of the review to use for other publicity purposes.

3. Web Site Text - We will create dynamic text for your Web site based on the rates of our biographical sketches (below). Our graphic designer, Jessica Dockter, will design a site especially suited to your needs. Be sure to mention that you want package #3 that you saw on this site when you email her at leedesign@leedesign.org. Prices for design services are negotiated separately with Jessica.

4. Biographical Sketches - An interesting, professional character sketch that highlights your career path, personal strengths, and demographic history. A business biography outlines the services/products your business offers, gives company history, interesting facts and other pertinent information.

5. Newsletter Article Package - Up to five content-rich articles (1,500 words total) written by a member of our team. Articles will be specific to your target reader, business or industry. Layout provided by our graphic designer to promote your branding image. Your file will be ready for printing or electronic distribution. See a PDF copy of our newsletter as an example.

6. Proofreading for Book - Proofreader will mark all technical errors and return manuscript to the author as a digital document.

7. Copy (line) Editing for Book - Our editor will analyze your book manuscript and mark all technical errors, and then return two electronic copies of the manuscript to the author. One will be a red-line copy tracking the changes we make; the other will be a clean copy to show you how the text will look with all our suggestions accepted.

Our editor will complete the suggested changes to include:
* Correcting mechanical, grammar and usage errors.* Correcting spelling, punctuation and grammar.* Check for proper alignment and spacing of text. Mark inconsistencies.* Check formatted columns, dates, headlines, numbers, alphabetized, bulleted and numbered lists. Mark inconsistencies.* Awkward transitions, redundancies, and hyperbole will be noted. Author is responsible for making these suggested changes.* Note any biased language or stereotyping.* Query author for information as needed.

eavy or conceptual copyediting includes all the items in a light copyedit PLUS our editor will rewrite any awkward sections, adjust text for better flow and make any other needed changes. Starting at $6 per page (price depends upon how much rewriting is required). A deposit of 20% is required before project begins.

8. Ghostwriting for Book - You have an idea for a book, but you don't have the time to complete the project. We will write your book for you, yet your name will appear on the cover. Approximate total project prices are between $8,000 to $16,000 depending upon the amount of research, interviews and transcribing. A deposit of 20% is required up front.


Do you want to get more mileage out of an article or media release? Our writing packages are a great deal for anyone needing online publicity. We offer book reviews, book trailers, author interviews, blog tours, media releases and article marketing for authors who want to promote their book.

9. Podcast Interview - One of our hosts will interview you and feature your book on Writers in the Sky Podcast. You get the edited mp3 file to use for your own promotion ideas. The file is also posted on iTunes.com where podcast seekers may find it. An announcement of your upcoming show will be posted twice on our blog and once in our newsletter. We also post a monthly online media release about the upcoming shows. Click the button below to purchase this package once you Contact us and confirm an interview date with Yvonne.

10. Book Review PLUS Author Interview - We write a book review for you and post it on Amazon.com as detailed in package #2 above. Our podcast host will interview you as a guest author on Writers in the Sky Podcast as outlined in package #9 above.

11. Video Trailers - Our own Taryn Simpson will create a video trailer for your book and publish it on Youtube.com. You may also post this on your blog or Web site.

12. Media Release Package - As Featured On PressExposure.comOne of our writers will create a media release about you, your book, product or business. We will submit the release to five online media outlets. You will receive the file as a Word document ready to send to your local newspaper.

13. Article Marketing Package - One of our team members will write a 300-word article specific to your industry or interest that you may use on your Web site or blog. We will submit the article to five online article directories. You will receive the article as a Word document to use however you choose.

14. Author Publicity Package# Get all these publicity items (#10-13) at one low price: Podcast interview with edited mp3 file.# Show announcement on our blog and in our newsletter.# Book review posted on Amazon.com, our blog and our newsletter.# A media release written and submitted to five online media outlets.# A 350-word article written and submitted to five online free article directories.# A video trailer for your book posted on Youtube.com

15. Virtual Blog Tours -If you are an author in need of an online book promotion, we highly recommend a virtual book tour. This type of Internet publicity uses a blog format to reach readers and increase book sales online. We collaborate with two outstanding people who are experienced with providing this service.

Nikki Leigh - See your online book sales and Amazon.com rankings soar. See http://virtualblogtour.blogspot.com/2008/04/virtual-blog-tour-options.html for details.

For complete information, prices, links to examples and much more - visit http://www.yvonneperry.net/Writing_Packages.htm#Publicity_Packages_

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