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Friday, April 4, 2008

Find Craft Shows to Sell Books

Craft shows can be a great way for authors to showcase your books. Promoting books at craft shows offer the following benefits.

Generate Book Sales

First and foremost, craft shows offer great opportunity to promote your books. Why not make sales on the craft show floor? You could also meet book store owners or other business owners who would like to host a book signing. Make sure to bring plenty of books, bookmarks, business cards, flyers and any other promotional items that you may have. This way you can give something to people who do not buy books at that time.

Generate Leads For Future Author Promotion

Even if you're unable to make a sale, craft shows are a great way to make contacts for future sales. The key to craft show success is good follow up, so don't forget to check in with potential readers after a week or so. Several ways to gather contact information include: a giveaway which requires people to register and a list for people to join your mailing list. It is good to get their name, address and email address. You can include a short questionnaire to ask what type of books they like and any other questions which relate to your writing.

Learn To Create Author Promotional Opportunities

Craft show booths can operate like a giant billboard for authors. They provide you with ample space to promote your books to potential readers. You can inform them about your books and what will appeal to them, if the booth and promotional materials don't convey this, its time to reevaluate your approach.

Author Networking to Promote Books

Craft shows offer opportunities to meet potential readers in a more relaxed atmosphere. This is another example of times when you can meet people who would want to work together to help you promote your books. Another benefit of craft shows is the opportunities to network and build useful relationships. You could meet existing readers and other writers or aspiring writers that you probably would not meet otherwise. The benefit lies in the potential for promotional partnerships.

Many craft shows offer special consideration for new “businesses” that can make participation financially possible. Even if you don't see any mention of discounts or specials, ask the organizer before you decide if you can participate. If logistics is a concern, most shows have teams that can set up and break down your display. They may even be able to construct one for you from scratch. However, check about charges for these services before you make a commitment.

Craft shows are an important way to promote your books. These shows put you in front of potential readers. Are you looking for a good return on your marketing dollars? Craft shows deliver. For information about craft shows in your area, visit these websites:


These listings offer craft shows, art shows, wine festivals and many other events. Use your imagination and see what possibilities you can discover.

Nikki Leigh
Author of the Book Promo 101 Series

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