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Friday, April 4, 2008

Silent Prisoner

My pen name is Amanda Young. I have written the book titled Silent Prisoner.
The journey began to write this book in 2000. It began with the desire to understand myself and why I had stayed on the path that had taken me to yet another destructive relationship. Amanda Young means, the young are worthy of love.

I had since childhood and living with a spiritually devoted aunt believed in God and the angels. She died, but my faith did not. My faith has been tested many times over. But while my faith in God and the angels was there, the faith in me was lacking, and I have only in the last year or so come to realize this.

I have watched the news, and in the last year especially, it is as if my life were being acted out on the television. Or maybe I only thought so as I was completing the final drafts of Silent Prisoner.
I watched how they found the young boy who had been kidnapped and held hostage by a man for several years. The boy stayed and never made an attempt to leave, and I listened as people were in shock that he never left. “What made him stay?” Everyone wanted to know. We do not know his life before that event but something inside of him had programmed him that he could not leave--whether it was by his abuser only or something that was deep inside of him that allowed him to feel it so easily. I think that some children are simply so kind and sensitive and born that way and the abusers sense that. Abusers are like animals on a hunt for prey. But whatever the case, the man knew how to get into the boy's mind and quickly. The continual abuse on an hourly and daily basis goes deep into the psyche. He was then held hostage not only by the abuser's words and actions, then, but by his own mind. He does not any longer know that he can leave. He has become a silent prisoner and is shackled to his abuser. It was an act of God I say that got that boy out. It would be interesting to find out if the boy prayed. The other boy showing up and then finding the two which lead to the one boy that had been there and had been there for so many years is what I call, divine intervention. That is why I believe in God and know that he can save many others through faith.

I am not standing on a soap box for faith. I am simply saying that good can overcome evil if we believe we deserve good things and a good life. It has not been an easy journey for me and my journey continues each day. I am sometimes annoyed by rejection letters that I still get from publishers. I have lost count of how many. I ask God more than once, “Why am I even bothering? My words may not even get out there.” But when I see on the news how O.J. Simpson was going to write a book and profit while Nicole Brown is dead and we all know who killed her, I pick up my pen and paper again. I cannot let her and so many others that have fallen, and the children like the two boys that were kidnapped and abused, go without knowing that I care about them. And so I published through www.Booksurge.com.

A doctor I asked to read the book and write a few words said to me, “I am not expert on domestic violence.” I knew he did seminars on domestic violence and he did write a few words on the press release. I told him that the only expert on abuse is the abusers.

About the Author -

Amanda Young is a registered nurse with a degree in Homeopathy from the British Institute of Homeopathy. Abused by her alcoholic parents and later the victim of domestic violence, Amanda credits the special people in her life and faith in God and the Angels for helping her overcome being a victim and allowing her to thrive. She wrote “Silent Prisoner” in the hope that sharing her story will help those who are silent and suffering to have the courage to find help.

About Silent Prisoner -

Silent Prisoner is based on a true story of how one woman, through faith, survived childhood abuse, and later, domestic violence. April follows life’s road as best she can without the benefit of having parents or siblings along the way. On this road of life she encounters a loving aunt, a spiritual mentor, a proper grandmother, and a stoic therapist. Even though these people are only in her life for a brief time, they have planted the seed within her that will sprout forth an inner strength and faith in God and the Angels.

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