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Friday, April 4, 2008

Promote Books by Telling The Writer’s Story

Your potential readers want to learn about you and “what makes you tick”. We’ve all found writers whose books we love and we want to know about them. This is an advantage that we have with the internet. There are so many ways to interact with our readers and potential readers. You have the chance to tell potential readers who you are, why you became a writer and why they have to read your books.

Reveal Author Details to Readers

There could be things about you that could be used to promote your books to new readers. Are you a single parent who needed a way to support your children but still being available for them? Do you have a disabled child or family member who requires your attention, but you still need to make a living? Mention this to your potential customers. This is NOT meant to make them feel sorry for you. It is a chance for people to learn what attracted you to writing. You can connect with someone who could be in a similar situation.

Authors Can Become More Well Known to Readers

This helps make writers more real to their readers. It helps them see you as more than a faceless online entity. We are all people with problems, challenges and who searched to find a solution for our lives. It is very important not to make up a story about yourself that isn’t true. Share your real story with potential readers.

How To Draw Media Attention For Your Books

The media loves a good story and you can submit a press release to announce the release of each book or maybe your new website. Find a way to strike an emotional cord with the readers and you will get their attention. You can gain lifelong fans by letting them get to know you and understand more about your work.

Nikki Leigh
Author of the Book Promo 101 Series

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