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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Details with Earl Ofara Hutchinson

Tell us the book title and your author name.

Earl Ofari Hutchinson
The Latino Challenge to Black America

What inspired the book?

The need to explore in depth the new ethnic clash in America between blacks and latinos

What makes this book special to you?

It breaks new ground on a compelling social and political issue and charts a course of understanding of the relatively unexplored area of black and Latino conflict.

What makes this a book that other people MUST read and WHY?

There are no others books that go into the detail and depth that this book does on black and Latino relations

What people NEED to read this book and WHY?

All Americans concerned about racial and ethnic tensions and conflicts

What sparks your creativity? Any tips to help others spark their own creativity?

Write write and keep writing there's no magic formula to creativity no lights bulbs of inspiration that go off just sweat, blood and tears in the craft of writing

What has been the biggest stumbling block in your writing? Can you share some tips to help others get past similar problems?

Simple write write write sit at the computer even when you don't have a clue where you're going with a thought and don't move until it comes to you then start pounding away

What do you think motivates people to become authors? What motivated you to get into this unusual industry?

The burning desire to get people to think

Tell me about the most unusual things you have done to promote any books?

No magic formula just talk it up wherever there's an ear

Why are you the BEST person to write this book? What in your background or in your research makes you qualified to do justice to this topic?A quarter century of writing on race and ethnic relations

If a potential reader thinks that your book wouldn't interest them, what would you say to convince them to buy? I'm thinking something better than "Its the greatest book ever." Give me something more specific :)It will make you think

Why does the topic of your book interest you? Why would it interest potential readers? Give us a hook to reel in new readers.Racial conflict in America for a century has been framed exclusively in black and white, no longer, it's black versus brown, brown versus Asian, black versus Asian, Asian versus brown, and all sorts of new interethnic combinations, better get on board the train to understanding of the changing racial paradigm in America Earl Ofari Hutchinson gives you a seat on that train

Is there a way to tie your book topic to current events? If so, tell us about how you could do that.

I have a blog to feature information and examples about tying books into current events that might be a good place for you to promote your book.

The hottest topic in America is immigration and Earl Ofari Hutchinson's book deals with in three chapters with special focus on its impact on black America

Thank you for visiting with me and in closing, give us your website address and a link to order your book.

http://www.middlepassagepress.com/ and the book is available on www.Amazon.com

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