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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tips to Start Communicating and Connecting on Twitter

I was just explaining to a client how to get started on Twitter and I thought it might be useful to share the info here --- this information is for people who are getting started on Twitter, but want to know how to communicate and connect with other people. I'll share more - this is only a start.

Okay - go to your twitter page and on the right side you will see "replies" and "direct messages" -- check "replies" to see if people have sent you a message. That is more important when your page is really busy. You will get an email that tells you when you have a direct message - and you guessed it- click on "direct message" on your twitter page and you can see all direct messages also known as DM. Now - you can only send a direct message to someone if you are following them and if they are following you. These messages are private.

When you reply - everyone can see those, but its also a great way to pick up new followers. If you engage someone in a conversation, their followers will see your name pop up on the other person's page. When you see @litekepr on a message - that means that someone is talking to me. Make sense???

If you are roaming around on Twitter and see a post that you want to comment on, move your cursor to the bottom right corner of that post and you will see an arrow - click the arrow and you can reply to that person.

Another great way to get people's attention is to retweet. The easiest way to do that is to start a new tweet and type RT and @ - then add the person's username right against the @ and their message. That shows that you are retweeting the message and you are giving credit to the person who said it first. Then they will see the RT and many times they will check to see what you're doing.

Its all about communicating and connecting with new people. BUT - when you reply to someone or leave a message -- do NOT post a blatant promo for your book - that discourages communication.

If you find someone talking about any topic in your book - you could post a message to say that the person might like to take a look at your book because it helps people through your struggle or something like that and give your website link.

It will take some practice to get it down - but do all this and I'll give you some more tips to fine tune what you're doing. Also, once you are posting on your blog - I can help you set up an account so that it will automatically send a blurb about your blog post to twitter :) I set mine up so that any time I post on any of my blogs - it is posted on Twitter and 30 other social sites within an hour -- just because I posted it on the blog :)

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