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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Social Networks -- Can We Find You On The Top 25 Sites

Social networking sites are becoming more and more popular. For a long time (in cyber time) MySpace was the top ranked social site, but Facebook is in first place. Twitter - which is easy to use and quick - has moved from #22 to #3. Ning is one of my favorite sites because it is so flexible and it moved from #23 to #12. It didn't move as far as Twitter, but it is on "the rise" :)

So, which social sites do you use?Which sites are you familiar with and which ones don't even sound familiar? I looked over the list in detail and most of the top 25 ranked sites are discussed in my new book - Book Promo 201: Use the Internet and Web 2.0 to Promote

I provide quite a bit of information about 4 of the top 5 sites to help you figure out what to do, how to utilize and which sites could be beneficial for you.

I've inserted the table of the top 25 ranked social networking sites - take a look and I'd like to hear your thoughts about the various sites. Which ones do you use? Which is your favorite? Why do you like some more than others?

Nikki Leigh

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