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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Beth Trissel Shares Her Thoughts About MySpace For Promotion

Earlier today I was talking to Beth Trissel about her recent Preditor's & Editors Poll win for her recent book and she mentioned that her presence on MySpace was a reason for the win. So, I asked her to write a couple of paragraphs to explain what she did and how it worked. Here is the information she wanted to share...

Thanks to some excellent advice from Nikki Leigh in August of 2008, I took a good look at how I could use MySpace to meet other writers and more importantly READERS. I knew they were out there in the virtual world, and being newly published with The Wild Rose Press I needed to find some viable way to connect. Blogging is only so effective, ditto for interviews and chats.

I searched out various reader’s groups and sites where bookworms gather, then sent out friend invites with a brief greeting/ intro. This is ongoing now. I usually send a cordial follow up message or comment to the good folk who accept my invites and remark on what I appreciate about their profile (I actually read those!) anything we have in common, and invite them to check out my book with pertinent links.

I love witty or inspiring quotes and enjoy pairing them with just the right pic and sending out comments. Photobucket is invaluable for uploading pics or copying theirs to my album. Myspace is all about using the right code to create your profile or send out comments and Photobucket supplies that. I also receive a lot of wonderful comments in return. Not only have I built an impressive fan b ase in a short period of time, I’ve made some wonderful friends. I’m always open to more.

My first release, SOMEWHERE MY LOVE, recently won first place for best romance novel of 2008 at the Preditors and Editors Reader’s Poll. This achievement is largely due to my good friends over at myspace.

Beth Trissel 2008 Golden Heart ® Finalist

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