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Monday, February 2, 2009

Book Promo 101 Promotional Articles and Tips - Voted Best Non Fiction Article

You may have noticed the new graphic in the right margin of this blog. If not, its also in this post. I'm very happy to announce that this blog and my non fiction articles recently won the Preditor and Editor Non Fiction Article award for 2008. In honor of this accomplishment, I can display this custom button on the blog. For the official listing, you can visit http://www.anotherealm.com/prededitors/votenonfiction08.htm For people who aren't familiar with the Preditor and Editor's poll, I've always seen it as a "people's choice" award where the authors and readers place their votes for their favorite.

For new visitors - I created this blog to have my promotional articles in one place so they are easy to find. It will also have excerpts from my promotional books and news about new promotional books etc.

Another reason I wanted this blog is because my latest book (which is with my publisher in layout) is about using Web 2.0 and the internet to promote. That topic has changes and updates daily, so there will be a need to provide updated and additional information. The book is currently about 85,000 words and although I covered a lot of topics, I couldn't include everything. So, this blog gives me a place to post new information. It will be a great addition to the book and it gives authors a place to come in and talk with me. I love to brainstorm promotions and this is a place where we can do that.

Thanks for sharing this exciting award with me and we'll have much to discuss in the days ahead.

Nikki Leigh

PS - For other awards I've received for my books (released under Nikki Leigh and Shri Henkel) are listed here - http://www.nikkileigh.com/awards.htm

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