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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Welcome to Romance Book Covers

This is a new website that features Romance Book Covers - would it be useful for you??


I uploaded a couple of my covers - but there was no indication about where they went etc. If I learn more or receive some notification about them - I'll post an update. I can tell you that the uploaded pictures appeared to be cropped and showed up as a square - so they did not look like the rectangular cover we designed. If anyone hears about this site -- I'd love to hear more details.

This is from their About Us page -

Hello, Romance Book Readers

And welcome to a place, where you can relive the beauty of a good book with its wonderful characters, through its cover art—again and again. I love reading romance novels, and escaping to a world of fantasy, mystery, and adventure on occasion. I’ve even taken up collecting Romance Cover Art on a large scale. That’s why I have this site!!! I also enjoy receiving picture uploads from my viewers. If you have a romance picture you want made into wallpaper, and displayed on this site, click on the words - Romance Picture Upload. This will take you to my upload page. There you'll be able to upload your picture(s). Also check out "Romance Book Cover’s Art Center", and view back issues of previously viewed pictures.

Most of the wallpapers are best viewed at 800 x 600 Resolution—I will be adding 1024 X 768 Resolution Wallpapers from time-to-time. The pages within my site may take some time to download depending on your connection. Please be patient... it will be worth your time, I promise. Now please scroll down and continue to view the images. If you see a picture that you want to save, simply click on the image, and you will be taken to the full screen picture to save on your computer. Finally “RIGHT CLICK” on the wallpaper and “SAVE IMAGE AS...” Please let me know if you are having problems with any of the files. Now, enjoy the images and come back soon.

Best regards,

Keith's Animated Signatures & Names

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