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Sunday, April 19, 2009

RomanceSwap.com -- Could This Site be Useful for Your Promotion?

I was playing on the internet Saturday (yes I should've been working :) and I saw a promo for this site that focuses on romance novels


Here is some info from their site ---

The site offers the chance to

create your own profile page
set up book clubs by author
book clubs by genre
book clubs by area - meet book lovers near you or reach book clubs near the setting for your books

Go here to register for your free account -

Here are their FAQ's

Q What is RomanceSwap.com?

A RomanceSwap.com is a social site for readers and enthusiasts of romance novels. On this site you will find forums, articles, links to purchase books and areas to create and join online book clubs.

Q Does it cost anything to join?

A No. RomanceSwap.com is completely free to join.

Q Do I need to register?

A To Access many of the features you do need to be a registered member.

Q How do I register?

A It's easy to register. Just click the register button in the log in form. Follow the prompts. After that you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Click on it. That's it!

Q Can anyone start a book club?

A Any registered member may start their own book club.

Q Can anyone start a topic in the forums?

A All registered members are encouraged to post and reply to topics in the forums.

Q Why don't I see any members listed in the members directory?

A You have to be a registered member to access the list of members.

Q Can I submit a book review?

A Only registered authors can submit book reviews. If being a reviewer interests you. Contact the admin team at romanceswap@gmail.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

I have started my profile page - I would share the link, but the only link I see is my-page. Obviously that won't work for you :) If you register and look for "litekepr" in the member directory - that's me.

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