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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Do You Forget Where You Have an Account

Over time, it is very easy for all of us to lose track of the social networks where we have an account. I just saw this in an article - (http://mashable.com/2009/03/07/manage-multiple-profiles) and it talks about www.checkusernames.com - simply go to the site, enter your username and it shows the site with that user name. To show you an example - this is my list. The sites highlighted in yellow are my most common username and the ones in blue are other usernames. The copy and pasted version isn't as attractive as the website, but I think you will get the idea of how it works :)

  • BehanceUsername AvailableAvailable
  • BlinkListUsername NOT AvailableAvailable
  • BlogCatalogUsername NOT AvailableAvailable
  • BloggerUsername AvailableAvailable
  • BlogMarksUsername AvailableAvailable
  • BrightKiteUsername AvailableAvailable
  • BuzlyUsername AvailableAvailable
  • BuzzFlashUsername AvailableAvailable
  • CafeMomUsername AvailableAvailable
  • ColourLoversUsername AvailableAvailable
  • CorkdUsername AvailableAvailable
  • CouchSurfingUsername AvailableAvailable
  • DailyMotionUsername NOT AvailableAvailable
  • DeliciousUsername NOT AvailableAvailable
  • DeviantArtUsername NOT AvailableAvailable
  • DiggUsername NOT AvailableAvailable
  • DiigoUsername NOT AvailableAvailable
  • DisqusUsername AvailableAvailable
  • DNHourUsername AvailableAvailable
  • DotNetKicksUsername AvailableAvailable
  • EbayUsername NOT AvailableAvailable
  • EtsyUsername AvailableAvailable
  • FavesUsername NOT AvailableAvailable
  • FavtapeUsername NOT AvailableAvailable
  • FlickrUsername AvailableAvailable
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