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Friday, March 6, 2009

Are You An Author OR an Entrepreneurial Author?

In the introduction of Book Promo 101 - I state very clearly that I consider authors to be business people. We have create a product and we want to sell them - that puts us in the business world and the successful authors treat their writing and promotion as a business. David Hancock of Morgan James Publishing seems to agree with me and he blogs about this topic on the Morgan James Publishing ning.com site - this is the link - http://morganjamespublishing.ning.com

The Differences Between Authors and Entrepreneurial Authors

What are the characteristics of an entrepreneurial author as opposed to a traditional author? Entrepreneurial authors differ in twelve ways:

1. Traditional authors use as big a budget as possible; entrepreneurial authors substitutes time, energy and imagination for money. 

2. Traditional authors are geared to big audiences; entrepreneurial authors, to laser focused niches with a big dream but not a big bankroll. 

3. Traditional authors measure effectiveness with sales; entrepreneurial authors, with profits. 

4. Traditional authors base marketing on experience and then judgment that involves guesswork. Entrepreneurial authors base marketing on psychology—the laws of human behavior that determine buying patterns. 

5. Traditional authors try to increase their production of books and then diversify by offering allied products and services. Entrepreneurial authors maintain their standard of excellence by focusing on the business behind the books, and diversify only if they can create synergy that helps sell more books without lowering their quality. 

6. Traditional authors seek linear growth by adding new customers. Entrepreneurial authors also seek attracting new customers but they grow their business exponentially by using service and follow-up to create more transactions, larger transactions and referrals from their present customers. 

7. Traditional authors advocate destroying competition; entrepreneurial authors cooperate with competitors and create win-win opportunities with other authors. 

8. Traditional authors believe that one marketing weapon alone can work; entrepreneurial authors believe in the synergy created by a combination of weapons. 

9. Traditional authors count their monthly receipts to see how many sales they’ve made; entrepreneurial authors count how many relationships they make each month because each relationship can generate many receipts. 

10. In the past, traditional authors didn’t use technology because it was too complicated, expensive and limited; entrepreneurial authors have always embraced technology because it’s simple to use, reasonably priced and limitless in its potential. 

11. Traditional authors identify a handful of marketing weapons that are relatively costly; entrepreneurial authors begin with a base of one hundred weapons, more than half of which are free, and seek to create others. 

12. Traditional authors appear enshrouded in mystique and complexity; entrepreneurial authors remove the mystique and stay in control.

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