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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Unique Book Promotion - Weddings Are Dangerous to Marriage

We have our first "Unique Way to Promote Your Book" and I'm on the lookout for more......

Since wedding books always sound so "rosettes and champagne," we created a shocking press pitch that we sent to radio and television producers and it worked every time. The interview questions included many of the same points so it was easy to promote our book and our website http://smartweddingcouples.com as the answers to all these problems:


Many wedding traditions don't support the couple's relationship or the marriage they are committing to --

In fact, the typical traditional wedding is a mine-field of disasters waiting to happen:

  • Surprise proposals before the couple even discusses kids, finances, or life goals (and what if she doesn't like the ring?)
  • Only the bride wears an engagement ring, the groom wears nothing (she’s taken – is he?)
  • The bride and her mother plan the wedding while the groom is treated like an accessory or worse (no wonder husbands feel excluded from family life)
  • Parents pay for weddings as if the bride and groom are still children (even when the “kids” are fully employed adults)
  • Trying to impress the guests and outdo friends, the emphasis is on glitz and glam, hardly the vows (which are, after all, the point)
  • The average cost of today’s wedding is $27,000 – often not including the ring, the gown, or the honeymoon (production values win out over purpose)
  • Couples go into debt over this one-day event (is that the way to start a marriage?)
  • And on and on and on . . .
BUT . . . there's an important new trend that's helping turn things around.

We are husband and wife, best-selling relationship authors Judith Sherven and Jim Sniechowski AND as a psychology team(we both have PhDs) we wrote our book --

Planning Together for Less Stress and More Joy
(New World Library)

To point out wedding dangers and provide meaningful modern-day alternatives.

Unlike any other wedding book, The Smart Couple’s Guide:

  • Is the ONLY wedding book on the market for the couple
  • Shows the couple that how they treat each during their wedding planning sets the foundation for their marriage -- and most couples don't have a clue about this.
  • Is the ONLY voice for the NEW TREND in American weddings -- which is that “80% of grooms are now active co-partners in the planning of their weddings.” (TIME 10-3-05)
  • That’s revolutionary. And we predict this trend will bring down the divorce rate. Taking the couple from their engagement through their honeymoon, our book is an easy and fun read punctuated with nearly 150 heartfelt stories from brides, grooms, and couples around the country.

We’ve included our bio at the end so you can see our extensive media experience, and you can check us out at http://judithandjim.com as well as our book at http://www.smartweddingcouples.com

We'd like to send you a review copy of the book, just tell us the appropriate address.

We'll give you a provocative and exciting segment -- count on it.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Voice for The New American Wedding,

Judith Sherven, PhD & Jim Sniechowski, PhD

Husband-and-wife psychology team Judith Sherven, Ph.D. and Jim Sniechowski, Ph.D. provoke audiences with their bold, yet charming take on the future of men and women and relationships.
Never afraid to share stories from their dating, wedding, and marriage experiences, audiences laugh with affection and identification -- while always moved to change their ways so that Judith & Jim's success can also be theirs.

Best-selling relationship authors, their latest book is "The Smart Couple's Guide to the Wedding of Your Dreams". Editors, journalists, and media bookers are always grateful to have their 2-for-1 energy and inspiration.

They named their company The Magic of Differences because at the heart of their work is the message that embracing and learning from differences is the key to successful loving and living.
As guest experts they've been on over 1000 television and radio shows including Oprah, The O'Reilly Factor, 48 Hours, CNN, Canada AM, and The View.

They’ve written for or been interviewed by hundreds of publications including the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today, the Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Cosmo, O, Bridal Guide, Redbook, Playboy, Parents, Bride’s, Men’s Health, Best Life, and Today’s Black Woman.
This is Judith’s first marriage and the third for Jim. Celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary this year, they bring hope to everyone.

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