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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Blazing Trailers - New Site to Share Your Books and Trailers

Blazing Trailers
Books at the speed of fun.

Over 300 books strong and growing...


It's official. Blazing Trailers is now open for submissions. If you
have a book trailer, it's free to post. Instead of inviting readers to
view your trailer on a dead end url at a video sharing site, send them
to Blazing Trailers. Each video is accompanied by an excerpt, review,
blurb, author info and BUY LINKS! Blazing Trailers authors are also
invited to share their news, contests, reviews, etc on the home page.

The site is still in the first stages, but we're planning a launch
party soon. The next phases of Blazing Trailers will include
individual author pages and viewer comments, among other surprises.

To submit a trailer visit http://www.blazingtrailers.com/submit.php.
The submissions form is still beta testing. If you have any questions
or problems, please email me at kimm@blazingtrailers.com

Oh, and did I mention...it's FREE?

Kim McDougall


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