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Monday, May 18, 2009

Last Chance for "21 Powerful Rewrite Strategies" Teleseminar

This is not promotion related - but a great resource for any writers. I have never tackled a screen play - but I've been on this call a couple of times and there is all kinds of great rewrite and editing tips on this call. Of course they are trying to sell a screenwriting class - but you will pick up some great rewriting tips - it also has tips to help you write tighter.

Last Chance for "21 Powerful Rewrite Strategies" Teleseminar

Have a screenplay to rewrite?

Using a professional rewrite process can:

    • Triple the quality of your screenplay.
    • Cause you to win contests.
    • Attract producers to your writing.

The more effective your rewrite strategies, the better your script will be. In this two hour teleseminar, I will present strategies to make sure your next rewrite will be your best so far.

"I have never heard of such a comprehensive step-by-step rewriting process before finding you. I started not to even get on the call because I just found your website a few days before the teleclass. But, boy, am I glad I did!"
-- Dolores Wix

Best of all, there is no charge.*

Here's some of what we'll cover:

  • A step-by-step process anyone can follow to create a professional level screenplay that will be respected by agents and producers.

  • The #1 Key to Rewriting Success. Change this one thing and rewriting gets so much easier.

  • Three ways to turn ordinary characters into extremely compelling story people.

  • The most important question you must ask to turn dull scenes into dramatic and valuable scenes.

  • The #1 Reason writers won't cut bad scenes. Don't be guilty of this.

  • And 16 other Advanced Strategies for rewriting.

Whether you are entering contests or promoting your script to Hollywood, this call will give you valuable tools for improving your chance of winning and/or selling.

"It's the best rewrite class I've taken. I've taken three, one was 2 months, another 2 days and the third six weeks. I learned more high quality tools in two hours with Hal than all of the other courses combined."
-- Kymber Yung, Writer/Producer

Limited to 100 callers

PRICE: Nothing...*except the long distance fees you pay to your own phone company. (Usually around $5 - $8)

TIME: Tuesday, May 19, 2009

To sign up for one of these teleseminars, go to http://www.scriptforsale.com/rewrite_conference2.htm

I hope you'll join us.

Hal Croasmun


"Took an (amazingly free) teleseminar last night on rewriting screenplays. Check out http://www.scriptforsale.com for a whole variety of classes, including -- if you've been living right -- a repeat of the one last night, giving 21 steps to rewrite your script, with lots of meat on those bones. Presented by Hal Croasmun, whose emphasis is on winding up with a script you can sell."
-- Chas Ridley, Author of 11 books

"Of all the classes and seminars I've taken, this was the most informative and valuable insights I've ever received. And I have been paid well, writing scripts for years.

"Just a note to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I was on the
teleconference call last night. To say I thoroughly enjoyed it,
is an understatement. I really liked the way you went through
everything and the GREAT examples you used.

I learned more in our call than I did in a weekend seminar
with Robert McKee."
-- Ed Gillow

"It's the most comprehensive and systematic source of
information about the rewrite process that exists."
-- Chuck Loch, Optioned Screenwriter


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